Seed Box



Siked for Spring!

This is my first year having a garden and I am so excited! Today I dug out a patch in my yard and made a small area of planters – out of house hold items! It is nearing Valentines Day, my second favorite holiday in which candy is given, and those heart boxes are perfect little planters! First you are going to want to eat the chocolate (No… You’re Kidding!) Then you take out the little tray and whatever else happened to be in there and fill it with plating things… you know… dirt, and plant something! Super cute- and affordable! If you have advice on what to plant- or how to plant it, comment below!

I Wrote this :)

The water dangles there, holding its head high; confident of its beauty.Image

If only we could all be water droplets,

The droplets may fall, but all things do-

they don’t hold on to regrets,

They always come back fresh and a ‘new


In Language Arts today we had to write a story about a memory we have… I used my best friend’s memory! When she read my story she looked at me and sighed,”My mom sounds like a three year old.” After explaining that it was my memory, she replied,” Still – your mom seems like a three year old!”

Are you moving?

I’m dripping… or am I?